STICKY-NOTE CHALLENGE : Drug awarness week (November 17 to 23, 2013)

October 29, 2013, 3:53 pm

More than 280 high schools and youth organizations are taking part in the challenge!

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You will receive the tool kit (posters, sticky notes and a fact sheet) by November 11th.

How to take part
1- Identify the concept of the mosaic and determine where you want to place it. Hang the poster (received beforehand) at this location.

2- Create the contour for the mosaic by placing the first sticky notes. To facilitate the task, place the image of the final concept alongside the work in progress. Make sure that the sticky notes adhere to the designated surface before starting the project.

3- Invite the greatest possible number of young people to help create the mosaic by completing the following statement on a sticky notes : “By not smoking I___” and sticking it in the designated place. There more participants there are, the more Post-it there will be and the larger the mosaic will be.

4- Don’t forget to take pictures of your masterpiece! Send the photo by email: or share it on our Facebook page:

Be creative and join the mouvement!

Ensure that the activity is successful by involving young people at every stage. Sustained participation by a group of motivated young people will build excitement around the activity. What’s more, by participating in every stage of the project, young people, through self-directed learning, become more aware of the issues surrounding the fight against smoking; and most importantly, they become empowered.
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